Thank God, we’re Done!

  • Verdi, the German union, is calling for nationwide strikes in the ongoing labor dispute with Deutsche Post.
  • The union is calling for the strikes to increase pressure on the management in negotiations and to encourage them to make concessions.
  • The strikes have already caused significant disruptions, with over 30,000 employees participating in strikes last week and thousands more expected to join in the upcoming strikes.

We’re almost there

  • An asteroid named "2023 BU" passed close to Earth on Friday morning, coming within approximately 3600 km of the planet's surface.
  • The asteroid, which is about the size of a delivery truck, was discovered by an amateur astronomer just a week ago.
  • NASA and other scientists have determined that there is no risk of the asteroid colliding with Earth.

Post It Up Live It Up

  • German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has referred to the delivery of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine as "unavoidable."
  • Pistorius stated that Ukraine needs to be supported in order to fight against Russia.
  • Ukraine president Selenskyj has requested more support, including long-range missiles, artillery, and combat aircraft.